Coming Soon: Content Curator 2024

A 6-week content development and curation workshop for speakers, educators, mentors, and digital product makers.


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Coming Soon: Content Curator 2024

Are you a creative individual, bursting with ideas but struggling to turn them into tangible, monetizable products? Whether you are already a speaker, presenter, instructor, podcaster, or aspire to be one, the challenge of shaping and sharing your unique voice and content can often feel overwhelming.

Imagine having all these incredible ideas but not knowing how to organize them, where to start, or how to present them to the world. The frustration of having potential yet lacking the tools and strategies to bring your vision to life can leave you feeling stuck and unheard.

Enter the ‘Content Curator’ workshop series, a six-week live broadcast online workshop led by the renowned photographer and educator, Sue Bryce. This program is designed to guide you through the process of developing and organizing your content into both physical and digital products. You’ll learn how to become the authentic voice and confident face of your brand, whether your goal is to be a captivating public speaker, host engaging workshops, or star in your own brand story. Tailored for creatives, designers, and forward-thinkers, this workshop will equip you with the skills to start a podcast, design a brand, build a platform, and grow an audience.

This program isn’t just about Sue’s profound expertise; it’s also backed by the creative team who helped her build successful platforms like Sue Bryce Education, The Portrait Masters Conference, The Portrait System Podcast, and her top-selling courses on CreativeLive. You’ll have access to the collective wisdom of Craig Swanson, Aaron Andersen, George Varanakis, and others who have been instrumental in these successes.

Empower your voice and transform your ideas into reality with the expert guidance of Sue Bryce and her team, and start monetizing your creativity today.