“Sue is amazing. She teaches from deep down in her soul. I recommend these videos to everyone new to her education because I believe that this is the core of all of her training. We need to value ourselves before we can serve with our craft out of love.”

— Samantha Larkin

“I absolutely LOVE Sue! I love the way she teaches and she is so inspiring! Every woman should watch this video series ESPECIALLY if they are struggling with self-value.”

— Kristi Kieffer

“I bought this course thinking it was about valuing myself as a photographer and wow was it sooo much more then that! This is not some cuddly 'you got this' video, this is a very real and raw look at yourself, your failings and your life and how to start to really get what you want one painful step at a time! I think this was the best investment I made into myself and my business in 2017!!!”

— Nadine Stanford

“I purchased this talk, not knowing it was one I already had access to in my membership of Sue Bryce Education. But I'm not even mad about it because it made me listen to it again. I could listen to this talk everyday for the rest of my life and probably get something new out of it each day. Sue is truly inspirational and she is not afraid to say the truth even when it hurts. Her honesty is intriguing, her vulnerability is touching, and her humor makes you feel like she's been your best friend for years. Everyone should hear this, no matter their age, gender, occupation, life stage, etc. It is truly transformative. I wish I could put into words the lessons I've taken away from this. Thank you Sue.”

— Kimberly Hull

“90 Seconds can change the way you do business. Sue gives you a great set of rules and takes you on her own journey of self value which is fantastic. I learnt more about Sue and how she got UNSTUCK and pushed through so many blocks. The self healing and working on yourself daily to help overcome any blocks you keep dragging up when it comes to moving forward with your business. I think this talk is something for everyone and I would recommend this to people who need that boost. I thought I would watch this over a few days but spent an entire day going through the whole series. You won't be disappointed with the information in this series. There is something for everyone, and I feel we owe it to ourselves to value what we do on a daily basis.”

— Brett White

“Please do yourself a favor and purchase this series. This series is for *everyone*. Sue Bryce brings forth profound wisdom in this self value series. These talks will make you think, they will reverberate in your mind, and they will change your perspective. I will listen to these over and over to remind myself of these practices. I bought this series to listen to once and hopefully gain some knowledge, but instead i gained a powerful wealth of knowledge and a perspective shift that will stay with me, and I will want to refresh again and again. Bravo Sue! For your openness, and your desire to help people to truly value themselves. What greater gift can we give ourselves but that? Take the leap and listen, you won’t be disappointed.”

— Alena Diaz

“This is the most empowering, mind-opening talk I've ever experience. Sue Bryce has a way of helping you uncover the things that are holding you back in your life that leaves you feeling ready to finally let go of all of it and become the person you truly are deep inside. She is no-nonsense, all application.”

— Erin DeGroot

“I could rarely sit through ten minutes of a webinar or self help video, but I watched this almost in one fell swoop. This is a profound series and one that I will have to turn to again and again. Thank you”

— Esther Dushinsky

“Such an amazing video! I wasn't planning to watch the entire thing in one day, but I just couldn't stop. It was exactly what I needed to hear at this moment in my life and at this juncture with my business. Highly recommend!”

— Kristin Sharland

“Sue Bryce is one of the most powerful speakers I have ever heard. All areas in life, all blocks, and all fears come right back to the core of your self value. Everyone should take this talk as step one on your journey of self discovery and happiness. Cheers-M”

— Michell Santelik

“Sue Bryce is going to simultaneously kick your butt and give you the biggest hug you'll ever receive. She speaks with such passion, truth, and love that it can't help but resonate with you. When I watch these videos I go from having huge tears welling up in my eyes to full on belly laughs in minutes. She's so relatable that you walk away from these talks knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can accomplish what you set out to do, but also knowing that it's going to be one heck of a journey. I can say with 100% certainty say that I would not be the same person I am today had I not stumbled upon Sue Bryce.”

— Deanna Seymour

“You spoke to me in away none of the other motivational speakers have that I watch and trust me there are plenty. You got into my soul. You spoke to me. I don't have an eating problem; I have a smoking problem. I quit, it last 8-9 months and I always lose it. I've always said it's because summer comes and I miss sitting on the deck and smoking. That is ridiculous! There has to be another reason, maybe it is the 10-15 pounds I put on even though I'm eating healthy and exercising. I've been fat before, in my 20's, I was in my first black hole, not dating anyone and all my friends were getting married. I was exercising all the time, but the weight would not come off. Eventually it did, but it's also when I took up smoking. Maybe I need to go back 30 years ago and deal with the pain that started it all. I also have the problem of putting myself out there for the public. I've had a website, I spent money for and still have not made it public, it's been over 6 months now! It's just sitting there, not completely done and I don't even look at it much. I just took on a new small business selling makeup. I take awful selfies, I pick myself apart, every part of my face I can find fault in. In this new business, I need to take selfies of the makeup I'm selling. I spent close to a $1,000 on stock and another $300 the other day and have not sold one thing yet since I became a distributor over 2 months ago. Reason? I hate my selfies! My bff came over yesterday, and helped me get my business page up and posted. Today I need to do a selfie of the lipstick I'm wearing. Wish me luck. I've practiced and practiced and I hate all of them. My fear is everyone knows me as a photographer, and I can't even take a good picture of me I like, let alone love. I was in another black hole in 2008 and that is when I found Louise Hay and I also have the book You Can Heal Your Life. It sits on the top shelve of my closet; I think it's time to bring it down and revisit it again. Thank you Sue Bryce, I'm so happy I have found you. This course needs to be offered publicly to everyone! I will be coming back and watching again and again, until I find out what makes me tick, or not tick. I need to value myself as a photographer and as a middle aged woman! We only get one life to live and it's time to start living the life I want for myself and the word that describes what it is I want - is FREEDOM! to live life on my terms, my own schedule not one someone else has made for me. I want to spend the years left creating beautiful photography that people appreciate and will pay for, I want to be financially free of debt! Now I need to start taking the action to achieve what I truly want in life. Thank you Sue! I will be watching this over and over.”

— Brenda Toby

“I've just listened to this and I had a huge lightbulb moment. I've been withdrawing and it's shown in every area of my life. I now realise that I've been doing it and how I need to go about fixing it. Thank you Sue, you always seem to supply that kick up the butt we need.”

— Tanya McSwan

“Great course!!!!!!!!”

— Kris Pekalski

“Sue's self-value talk is the most accurate explanation of why we self-sabotage ourselves. Throughout the talk, I can't help but feel she is talking about me. I not only see myself in it, but my loved ones and friends, as well, who also struggle on a daily basis in all aspects of their lives whether it's business or personal. When I find myself slipping back into my old stories, tearing myself down, losing my confidence, etc., I come back to this talk time and time again to motivate myself to push through my self-doubt. I am worth it. And my pain is a consequence of any joy I ever seek; it's a payment in the pursuit of joy. I'm still learning to manage the pain, accept the pain, and push on to pursue every possible joy life has to offer me because I deserve it. I can't recommend this talk enough. I've even shared bits and pieces of it with friends and family who are struggling. And they always say, "I wish I could have that to listen to every time I begin to feel low." I'm so glad this is now being offered to everyone not just those of us who follow Sue as our photographer mentor. Thank you, Sue!”

— Donna Caughlin

“Sue Bryce is a wonderful speaker! She is so caring and compassionate! She shares her own experiences with us which gives us courage to do the same. Self value is such an emotional topic and one most of us struggle with. This talk is something I will come back and listen to many times. Sue is an excellent coach and I am thankful I was able to listen and learn from her!”

— Laura Lipke

“Wow - if you don't relate to this, if it doesn't help you, you are kidding yourself. Self value is everything. When you love yourself, truly love, you are worthy, you are abundant, you are more than enough. You can control your mind, choose what you want to feel, who you want to be, you can be strong. It's not easy. It is hard. You will be as successful as the pain you are willing to endure. Think of an Olympic athlete - no pain no gain. It will hurt. There will be block after block and you need to get up an smash them all - like an arcade game - over and over again. You need Sue - watch/ listen to this every time you need it. Sue's there for you. She's been there and she knows exactly what's going on in your head. She was in my head. She has helped me and continues to help me. This is priceless or at least years at a therapist. Thank you Sue.”

— Karen Volp

“Wow. This is invaluable wisdom. I have had numerous friends tell me over the years, 'Be like Sue Bryce, do what she is doing!' and I said, 'NO!' Not because I don't admire her work, because holy heck, it's absolutely beautiful, but because my stubborn ego won't be told what to do. Well, little did I know how many incredible lessons this woman has to teach. How many tangible steps towards success she has to offer. Not, do this, be like me kind of advice... But BE EMPOWERED, be you!!! Be all the awesome you contain to a world that so eagerly awaits. So yes, now... I want to be like Sue Bryce, I want to walk with self value, confidently, passionately, wildly, all in, with everything I have screaming mad towards my dreams. Cause no one else is going to get me there.”

— Melanie Graham-Orr

“Powerful and unforgettable Conent”

— Tanya Nelson


— Cheryl Struss

“I've done the work and spent the time and money learning the technical things I need to run my business. From bookkeeping, marketing and sales to streamlining workflows and improving client experience. Sue teaches the less obvious work we all need to address in our businesses but don't seem to - Self Value. You can be doing everything right in your business and still feel like you are falling short. Sue bridges that gap and addresses the underlying work we all need to do but are afraid to do it. Every time I hear her speak a light bulb goes on and I know what I need to work on next.”

— Erin Bowley

“I love Sue Bryce and her empowering philosophy is life changing. This video series is transformational and will change the way you see and value yourself. I will listen to it over and over again until I live this. This applies to anyone in any line of work, not just photographers.”

— Eva Satell

“Oh my goodness, talk about a life changer! I found Sue about a year and a half ago. Originally, I found her for photography education, but as I continued to dig in, I found that she is so much more than just a photographer with great skills. She is an inspiration. I found this talk through her education site and am so glad that this is now being made available to others. It doesn't matter if you're a creative or not, this talk will transform the way you look at life. She this with your friends and family. Especially this holiday season, something to reflect on and be thankful for. Get ready for a great new year! I'm so thankful for you Sue!”

— Monique Caraghiaur

“I'm following Sue Bryce for more than 1 year now, she changed my life in so many positive ways and I'm so thankful to have her as a mentor. This incredible self value talk is the most emotional and empowering I've ever heard, it's a life changing experience. Sue shows you the way how to become a better version of yourself and design your own life as you want it...YOU have the power to decide it and make it happen ! She enables you to see the "drama" of your life and gives you the knowledge to change it ... starting from yourself : "YOU are the protagonist in your own story." I couldn't recommend it enough.”

— Uta Theile

“TRANSFORMATIVE! A powerful experience that can set help you understand your own journey and the roadblocks to your success in life and business. Really! I've always found value in understanding the journey of the underdog who overcame their obstacles, especially when it's often getting out of their own way. It's the hardest thing to examine ones self, far easier to blame outside influences that diminish our value. To think, we have the power within ourselves to find our value and pursue our dreams! That is the biggest lesson from this talk and a wonderful gift. I want all the people I love to see this, I even want the people I don't care for to see this because everyone deserves to see their own value and find their path to their passion and bliss of their dreams.”

— Virginia Smith

“Sue Bryce has that way with words that helps you to relate and also makes you listen. Sue’s authenticity in wanting everyone to be their best selves is truly amazing and filled with love. The self value lessons from Sue should be heard by everyone and not just photographers.”

— arthur schumann

“It doesn't matter if you are already a business owner or just starting out, you will get a lot of "aha" moments from these self value talks. If you are looking to move past personal and business blocks, value yourself and be the best version of you she will brake it down to the core. Sue hits it right on the head. You will be inspired and have a lot of tools to use in your personal and business environment. Highly recommend these talks.”

— Ann Landstrom

“Start here! How you feel about yourself will impact your business in more ways than you can imagine. Listen and work through these as many times as it takes. With the audio recordings we can now listen anywhere. Thanks!”

— Julie Kiernan

“This talk on self value spoke to my CORE! This was the beginning of my transformation in my business and in my life. It will speak to you, challenge you, and change you. It is the perfect end of a place and beginning of a new awakening that can take you and your business to the next level. I am so grateful to have followed Sue all these years and mostly grateful for her willingness to share her gift with all of us. This is a must purchase if you want to learn how to create a sustainable and successful business and life. Very well may be the best investment I ever made.”

— Melissa Gordon

“It's the talk you never knew you needed. Not only is she an amazing photographer and an inspiration to the photography community, she is someone who wants you to be a better person inside and out. She wants to help you move past your blocks to get what you want out of life. Thank you Sue!”

— Crystal Lugo

“Authentic, inspirational, and honest. Sue is simply amazing and what she teaches relates to all aspects of life- self, business, relationships. She shares personal stories, and gives you steps on what to do and how to do it. THANK YOU SUE!!!”

— Lydia Leclair

“Sue is an incredible speaker with a powerful message. And you will want to listen to her over and over again! I couldn't agree more with my fellow reviewers... Completely motivational no matter what business you are in.”

— Kathryn Robertson

“This is a great talk for anyone! It is super helpful!! It really changed how I think about things. I highly recommend it!!”

— Kris Giacobbe

“Empowering talk that will change your mindset and propel you forward! Definitely worth rewatching many times over!”

— Megan Lee

“Touching - Inspiring ! A kick in the butt! Thumbs up Sue!”

— Denis Coulombe

“Sue Bryce has that way with words that helps you to relate and also makes you listen. Sue's authenticity in wanting everyone to be their best selves is truly amazing and filled with love. The self value lessons from Sue should be heard by everyone and not just photographers.”

— Michelle King

“The ability to speak to people and to have them relate and learn from what is said is a remarkable task it itself but to reach an audience with raw, real life truths and emotions isn't a quality that is often seen from educators. Sue encompasses all of the qualities that engage her audience on more than just an educational level because her own journey to self value is honest. Her truths are real. The proof is in her work and she strives to pass that strength around and through all of us and encourages us to get up and do what we are afraid of because we can. Her story is relatable, her message is extraordinary, and her intentions are true. She has changed the way I run a business and has created a community where we gather and lift each other up and encourage and support one another, which in a competitive world, isn't always easy to find. I am proud to say I learn from Sue.”

— Amanda Carusoe

“As a creator we always create for the love of it. As a woman, we are conditioned to give unconditionally. Marry the two and it becomes a challenge to value ourselves, our craft and our business. Sue’s talk was instrumental in helping me find my value. A must must have”

— Kalpana Patel

“This should be mandatory for everyone to watch. As a business owner, I have encountered many road blocks along the way and usually it came from me and my self worth. This talk really makes you dig deep and see you for who you are. I learned so much from this and feel confident that anyone that watches it will also gain insight into themselves whether they want it or not.”

— Lana Kim

“This talk from Sue Bryce has changed my life in every way possible. She takes every experience she has ever had, learned from, and from which she recognizes the most enlightening lessons from them, and then she offers us this insight with such a passion and generosity that you can't help but be moved! This talk is one of the most amazing and life changing experiences of my life. Sue Bryce has changed everything about my life and my photography business. This talk is gold, and you will want to listen to it many times because you will get something new out of it each time.”

— Clare Ascani

“WOW! Sue, how is it even possible that you Know me So Well ?? Seems like you Are telling my life story. It Hit home instantly! I have some serious work to do”

— Jana Beukes

“Sue is more than an instructor, more than a teacher, and even more than a mentor. She is a mother. I really think, apart from her obvious eye and incredible talent in this industry, that is her highest calling and it is benefiting us all! What she shares here is her heart of hearts and it is priceless. She is the gift not only to the photography community, but to the world.”

— Eleanor Lasta

“I can view and listen Sue over and over again, she is both a life changer and a life charger, you’ll get a lot out of it. If you are into personal growth or personal development this is a must to have, it will make you think and allow you to reconsider your life and your goals. Thank you Sue for your words and revelations!!”

— Elizabeth Photography

“While listening to Sue talk, I laughed out loud, I teared up, I was energized and empowered to be the best version of me that I can be. She makes you look at yourself, she pours her heart out and pulls no punches. She will tell it like it is, regardless if you like it or not. After watching her self value talks, I was able to pull myself up and get my life and photography business on the right tracks. She will change your life, no she won't... YOU will change your life after you hear her speak... you won't have a choice... she gets to your soul... So if you want to make positive changes, look at yourself honestly and own your choices... choose to purchase these videos... it will be the best investment in you, that you can ever make!”

— Lori Benforado

“I have been following Sue since 2013 her very first Creative Live. I will never forget genuine, sincere and honest words of gratitude and self care that she began to speak of as it related to her life. I found myself drawn to her teachings more and more. It was this last self Value talk and how it relates to business that I knew I needed this teaching tool. I blocked out all distractions and found myself welling up with tears of joy because for the first time I heard the truth in what I needed to know as well as needed to face. It is with her teachings from internal healing to the technical approach of business that has brought me back to the passion of why I began photographing. It is the teachings that has resonated with me to focus on me after almost 50 years on this earth this is going to be my yes year from December 11th onward. The best gift one can give themselves if they are looking at Sue Bryce Education is the SELF VALUE because it goes hand in hand with everyday life in business. Thank you Sue for your continued dedication to my growth as an Entrepreneur, Boss lady and an Artist.”

— Melissa Albert

“I found Sue earlier this year (2017) when I started listening to her photography plan on how to become a professional photographer. Yes, I learned a lot important photography related things from her but by far her self value talks are what has given me the courage to put myself on a path to being a professional photographer. This self value applies to so many more areas of my life than the photography business. It has leaked into every aspect of my life and has given me the SELF confidence to overcome obstacles and rejection. Her talk on self value, for me personally, has helped me rise quicker into the person that I know I am when my little ego brain starts to give me doubt about my value. Valuing myself was the single most important step that I needed to take in order for me to grow. I'm so glad that I found her and will be forever grateful for her words!!!”

— Annette Sentell

“I had followed Sue's evolution when I discovered her through Creative Live teaching photography, what she taught was much more than photography. She was on a mission not only to help us become a successful photographer but also help us understand that nothing will change unless you learn to value and love yourself. This talk is the prolongation of everything she has learned through personal experience; she is an incredible educator and so passionate to help you change and create a successful life. Her talks will take you on a new journey!”

— Rachel Davies

“Sue Bryce’s talk on Self Value is about empowerment transformation and self-worth, every person should watch her, her talks are incredible, once you watch, you are on the way to becoming your best self! A life changer. I love you, Sue!”

— Guadalupe Herrera Aguilar

“I have never known anyone like Sue Bryce as she gives all of herself all of the time. This Self Value video will change your life! Sue speaks from her heart and soul. Watching this video was motivational and raw and gave me the momentum to work through my struggles or "blocks" as Sue calls them. We are not alone with our self doubt and are worthy. One of my favorite Sue quotes, which is in the video, is "I can show her in a world of not good enough, that she is perfect. She is valued. She is enough. And her light and my heart is full". That is what speaks volumes to me. I will cherish you Sue and this video forever. This is a game changer!”

— Emily MacPherson

“Thank you for being so raw, honest and vulnerable in this talk. Whenever I listen to you speak, I feel like you are talking directly to me, calling me out on all the lies I tell myself, making me see the truth, encouraging me to grow and leaving me inspired to create a future of my dreams. And that all starts with valuing who we are. Thank you for being you and for being a light to so many.”

— Jody Weymouth

“Sue Bryce simply at her best! She will change the opinion you have of yourself, she will make you stop and think, she will empower you and make you pay attention. The self value talk is a must for everyone on their journey of self discovery.”

— Mariela Ryan

“Raw honesty, that is how I describe Sue’s business and self-value coaching. I’ve benefited so much from her coaching. She’s helped me to reconcile how my view of myself which greatly impacts the way I move my business forward. I had a business years ago, but I was uncomfortable with receiving money so I let Groupon market me and needless to say, that business did not last because I needed to sell my business long-term. Since discovering Sue in 2016 when I saw her talk on Fear, a lot has changed as far as my view of money and of myself being in business. This talk on Self Value is so outstanding because of her raw honesty and also practical ways to move forward, i.e. the 90-second rule, how we choose to handle growing pains personally and in business will determine how much or how little our success. Now, I’ve created a new business and sold with value for myself, my service, and my product. Groupon is not be getting any part of this one. It’s so helpful to have this to go back to over and over, when I reach another paradigm that needs shifting. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, SUE BRYCE!!!!”

— Sara Johnson

“I feel so honored and lucky even to have this opportunity to learn from the incredible Sue Bryce. Everything she teaches helps me to build my life in a way I could only dream of a few years ago... Yes, I still have to do a lot of work, yes, sometimes it takes all the bravery in the world to try something Sue says to try, but each time I try it - it works)) This talk is my inspiration, this talk is my motivation. This talk helps many of us to pursue our goals, built our dream lives and literally changes the way we see the world. It already helped thousands of people, it will definitely help you!”

— Oksana Fedoruk-Terleckyj (Kami)

“Finally a successful photographer willing to talk about money! She walked the walked and did the work and she boost people like no other! I listen to the talk a few times a month, it is trully life changing. Valuing yourself is the best gift ever. Everybody should listen and enjoy!”

— Martine Clairoux

“With Sue Bryce, everything in your world is connected. Your personal life, your business, your health, your happiness, your success, your self value, etc. I'm not a "self-help" fan at all but when Sue speaks it comes from such a place of honesty and truly wanting to help EVERYONE that it doesn't feel preachy or in your face. I started following her for photography help not realizing how connected my personal life was so my business. She breaks everything down in such an easy way AND gives you easy tools to fix things.”

— Ashley Lindsey

“Sue Bryce has walked the talk ... SHE HAS BEEN IN YOUR SHOES!!!! bad self talk/self doubt. disappointment in life, looks, body image, relationships with significant others/family and friends, business/work or lack there of, listening to the naysayers and many more things that debilitate your life/your very existence. Sue Bryce empowers you to be a better version of yourself! You will listen to her words multiple times, with each dispelling another limiting belief... You DO deserve the life you want!!!!”

— Teresa LaVallee

“Sue Bryce will set you on the path to defining yourself and your business. Listen and learn. This is the first step. Take it. Take it and learn to define yourself. Sue will be there to help.”

— Debra Helmberger

“I was looking for answers. I had piles of books, saved videos, save audios, etc...I had listened and read them all, and then saved them "in case" the answer I was looking for was in them somehow. And then the clouds opened up and I found Sue Bryce. She gave me the answers to everything. Seriously, everything. She put me on the path to seeing the value in myself, in my work and in the service I have to offer. She gave me answers to every single thing I needed to know about my business. And then that knowledge spilled over into my personal life. This is life changing. Sue Bryce is generous with her wisdom and knowledge. This video is the first step in receiving her wisdom. Take it. Take this first step. Learn to define yourself. Sue Bryce will help you.”

— Debra Helmberger

“I was lucky enough to meet Sue last year at Canon event in WA. Then I decided to join SBE right away. She opens my eyes in different perspective. Absolutely love her strength, energy!!. This is not just about photography business. It is the life lesson you will learn so much from her. I've been watching this course over and over again whenever I have my blocks coming back to me. Listening her valuable lessons absolutely changed my life, core, attitude, business, daily goals!! Sue speaks from her heart based on real blocks she experienced. Real stories!! This is MUST course you will need!! I am grateful to call her my mentor, and have her in my business journey. She provides every tools you will need. The best choice I've ever made!! Thank you Sue!!”

— Gina Vogel

“This lady has the ability to make me laugh while I cry, I love her so much. Her honesty and willingness to be vulnerable will touch your heart and if you take her advice, change your life and your business. So much wisdom and clarity in this talk, Sue Bryce has walked her talk and knows what she's talking about, I can not recommend her highly enough!”

— Margret Schell

“Sue speaks to our hearts and that’s why I adore her. She is not another instructor trying to convince us to buy from her. The first time I heard Her talking about self value resonate so much about my own life and the way I’ve being doing business. She helped to change my mindset about being a professional photographer and valuing my art and myself in this busy market of photographers. I am not afraid to get outhere and tell people about what I do and can do for them. There has not been another photographer that has impacted my career more than her and for the good.”

— Lizbeth Mckuhen

“This talk is multi-layered and poignant in so many ways and I can't recommend it enough. Through her candid vulnerability and strength, Sue Bryce delivers a hard look in the mirror at what you need to work on to be the best version of yourself. You come out the other side of this talk with a better appreciation of yourself and what you're already capable of. Valuing yourself is the first step in any venture. You'll replay it many times over and always walk away with a new lesson for where you are in your own journey.”

— Kelley Norcia

“Sue Bryce's talk on Self Value is so much more than that. It's about empowerment, transformation and self-worth and is one of the most heartfelt, poignant and inspired talks that applies to absolutely everyone. Sue Bryce is a force to behold, and this talk will leave you charged and absolutely inspired.”

— Wynne Earle

“The BEST talk you´ll have in your entire life. Honest, true and life changing. Once you wrap your mind around what is been addressed from Sue in this talk you will become a better business person and a better human being by walking the path she shows us. Period.”

— Ines Schäfer

“I have been following Sue Bryce for a very long time and I love her! I have purchased her courses on Creative Live and I can watch over and over and learn something new! When Sue Bryce Education website went live I had to subscribe!! Every purchase made has been more than worth the financial value!! She is amazing! She is my mentor!! I can't thank Sue Bryce enough!! I highly recommend Sue Bryce!!”

— Cynthia Banuelos

“Wow, I am emotional writing this. Do you want powerful, moving, life changing? This is for you. I have gone back to this over and over. Sue has literally changed my life. She has helped me see my self worth, value my business and helped me learn how to ask for and receive money. I have Multiple Sclerosis and struggle with physical pain and but Sue has taught me that my disease doesn't define me as a person. I can do anything I put my mind to. I highly recommend this talk to anyone who wants to build a successful, sustainable business or just improve their self esteem and live a better life.”

— Michelle Pennings

“Not sure where to begin on this... Sue Bryce is such an empowering mentor. I love how she gets to the heart and core of our reason for taking this crazy journey and lets us know it is ok to be vulnerable and afraid, but in the end this is our journey for a reason. Like a big sister, she lovingly sometimes tough lovingly) walks you through the steps of where you need to go. I have seen countless trainings from other mentors, but none quite like her. She is unique in her razor like wit and ability to see through the masks we all wear in our business and our life.”

— Shirley Vazquez

“This self value video is amazing! After being burn out in my business, finding Sue Bryce and her videos, especially on self value have helped me to find my way and believe in myself again. It gave me back my faith in myself and in my business, and after a few months break I am up and running a successful business again which I love. I cannot be grateful enough Sue for all the teaching, the inspiration and the fact that I know how to value myself and my business! Highly recommended!”

— Blanka Gal

“I was a beginner photographer when I found Sue Bryce. Watching her has changed me in many ways. I’m a better photographer, I value myself better, I strive to be a better human being. She hits the mark every time and I love how easy it is to understand and relate. I’m excited to learn more.”

— Giedre Sundquist

“Sue Bryce is so inspiring as she speaks to the heart of self value issues and how to overcome the barriers we create, never compromising, to be the best version of ourselves we can. Through her own journey of self discovery coupled with her vast knowledge of self help, this course is an amazing value that can excellerate your journey to wholeness in your business and personal life in so many ways. I only wish this was available earlier in my career. Sue is a phenomenal speaker and will motivate you to new levels. This is a must have for anyone’s self help library!”

— Margo Allsbrook

“Sue Bryce is an amazing photographer and an even more amazing person. She is an open book and shares from her heart in the awesome talk on how to understand your value in life and then how to live it out successfully. This is one of the most real, powerful, no holds barred, talks you will ever have the opportunity to listen to. Then, if you take it in and apply it, it will change your life. 100% recommend this to anyone and everyone seeking how to break through the walls that are in your way.”

— Jeremy Ellsworth

“I found Sue because of my photography business, but her education is so much more, especially for women. I have begun speaking to my college freshman daughter about the same issues that Sue brings up- hoping to empower her early on in her life. This is such a gift that Sue has given us, watch, listen and open your heart to growing yourself.”

— Tara Maxey

“We all try as hard as possible to avoid pain; however, Sue encourages us to embrace the pain in order to see the growth and the goals that we set for ourselves. In this series, she teaches us how to do just that. You can tell she is genuine and truly wants us to become empowered. Thank you Sue, I know I will come back to this over and over.”

— Jane Cashin

“Learning from Sue's "Self Value" talk opened up my eyes to work on changes. The most obvious would be with my business growth, personal bank account and money blocks. However, she shines light on every aspect of ones life. Working through my blocks with Sue's tools has changed all aspects of my life and my bank account!”

— Sarah Hansen

“Sue's real gift is her ability to get to the core of things in a straightforward, kind and powerful way. This is no different. Thank you for helping us carve out the life we want, both personally and in business.”

— Anita Watkins

“As a mom to three younger children, I see snippets in my kids that make me feel like I'm looking in a mirror. There is self-doubt, self-consciousness, fear of rejection or sadness. This video series made it click for me that these behaviors aren't 'nature', but more likely 'nurture'. It has come at the right time for me, not only to help me personally, but to insure that I'm making changes to raise my children to have strong sense of self.”

— Pamela Qualls

“I first found Sue's videos over a year ago on CreativeLive. My life was falling apart at the time, I wasn't happy where I was, what I was doing, I was 60 pounds overweight, I had panic attacks, I got to a point where I didn't even leave the house sometimes for weeks. Sue teached me how to value myself, she showed me the way back to life. I changed my diet, I started exercising, I lost 26 pounds so far and loosing steadily, I learned to love myself and take care of myself. Now I believe I worth it. Thank you Sue!”

— Ildiko Poor

“Sue is the real deal, she’s lived it and has come through it successfully and she wants the same for you. I didn’t think I needed this talk and as I listened she touched on feelings that I didn’t know existed and if I did know I didn’t know where they came from until this talk. You will be changed...I was...it was one of the best things I did for my photography business!”

— Gina Dinverno

“Anyone, no matter who you are or what profession you are in, can greatly benefit from Sue's Self Value talk. This is powerful, emotionally charged, uplifting and truly inspiring. A must watch!!!”

— Melissa Kiest

“I don't know where to begin....this talk by Sue reached to my inner core. Her talk has been a lifesaver for me and has allowed me to sit back and take a look at myself, my blocks and what I need to do to believe in myself, my value and worth in order to be successful in life and my business. This is a no holding back talk, she lays it all on the line. After listening to this talk, you will feel a new renewed energy to get yourself out there and be successful and the best version of you.”

— Michelle Laskowski

“This talk is incredible... Sue goes straight and shake you to the very core... emotional and empowering, is THE TALK to go to every time that I'm in doubt with myself and my business. I've been through several business courses over the years, and NONE of them has reached me like this talk. Please, do yourself and your business a favor, and get you in here a.s.a.p.! You'll thank Sue later ;)”

— Lidia Leston Vazquez

“I sit hear in tears... wow... thank you Sue Bryce you have just healed my life. Im thirty something mother of 2, fat fabulous and nearly 40. I have been trapped searching for joy, hiding from pain and reliving the pain of my past. Using it as excuses in every aspect of my life, as a mother, friend, wife and now photographer myself.. Im going to break this cycle for my daughters because they are enough.. I am enough. Now its time to move forward... I am my legacy.”

— Renae Barnes

“When I first listened to this I thought how could she possibly know this about me or my friend or my family. Sue has incredible insights into who we are and why we do the things we do. This is true wisdom and it will hit you in the face. I literally want to give this to everyone I meet that is struggling to figure out what they want in life and how to get it. There is so much information here you will be amazed that she could put it all into one incredible talk.”

— Helene Hawk

“This talk is for EVERYONE! It is seriously life changing, motivating, uplifting, and exactly what I needed to hear. It keeps me grounded, and yet pushes me forward. It is help in personal life and business. It is helping me walk the path to self value.”

— Jenn Wasserman

“Sue Bryce speaks straight to the heart. This talk has helped me identify and take steps to resolve so many blocks to reaching my full potential. This message goes beyond what you need to become a successful photographer, but can be applied to any business endeavor that requires coming to terms with your own value and what you have to offer the world.”

— Kim Bomberger

“Sue speaks with passion in a very open and revealing way. Her authenticity is her power, strength and possibly even vulnerability, which is what makes her so identifiable for me. Having done plenty of work on myself, Sue comes from a space I've not experienced in other speakers; she enables you to shift your perspective to see what has been available all along, however, was invisible since you didn't know you needed glasses. After years of what seemed like the death of my passion, I realised my passion is still their and have identified many of my blocks. My task now is to work on these blocks while rebuilding my business and delivering the best service I can offer. Thankfully, I have a great coach for along the way!”

— D Banks

“Self value is a journey that all business entrepreneurs are faced with, regardless of industry, gender and age. This talk brings value not only to photographers but to every individual looking to overcome the mental obstacles that come in our way. One of the best speeches ever that would change many people’s lives.”

— Ingrid Ascencio

“This is a must . To anyone needing that kick up the butt this is for you. Sometimes you just need someone that’s been through it all to get you through.”

— Ola Adegoroye

“This talk has changed my life. I listen to this talk over and over. I have a better understanding of myself. I have learned to forgive and I am able to leave my past in the past. I take care of myself and have learned to value myself. I can't help but tell people how much I love Sue's Self-Value talk.”

— Connie Degiorgio

“Every time Sue Bryce speaks I learn something. This woman speaks from her heart and seems to be able to look right into mine. She shares her own experiences and blocks and teaches you how to not only recognize your own personal blocks, but how to move past them for a successful business and true self value. I am in awe of her strength, courage, depth and clarity, everyone should own this talk!”

— Kathleen Clemons

“Everyone needs to hear this message. Self value is something we all struggle with, some more than others. Sue has a unique way of delivering a message that you need to hear and a time when you need to hear it. Most of us don't even know we have blocks around our self value, but if you listen to this message, you will see where your blocks are and how to move past them. A truly invaluable lesson for anyone, especially those in business.”

— Gina Lantz

“I started watching these talks yesterday and I was so impressed I started taking notes...for myself and also to share with loved ones who I thought could use some of these important tidbits of info. It's way more than just a "business talk," but really delves into what you want, what you are blocking yourself with, and how to go forward from here. I'm in awe and I haven't even finished the segments!”

— Heather Molina

“The road to becoming the best version of oneself isn´t the easiest - but this talk is a great starting point and helps moving forward. From personal experience, Sue Bryce shows us how to overcome hurdles probably everyone knows and to start building a successful (and happier) business and future.”

— Ursula Schmitz

“This talk is for every person to watch. Sue seems to be able to see right through the monitor and look you square in the eye and tell you just like it is. It is uncomfortable to hear at times and you might have to come back and watch different segments again and again from different mindsets. However, you will find yourself uncovering what the next step needs to be for you (and then the step after that and the step after that). And by the way she will give you the energy and courage to take those steps.”

— Paula Ward

“This incredible talk will take you on a self value journey. Acknowledging who you once were moving on and building a roadmap for the future. As an entrepreneur, valuing myself was the first step to creating a successful business.”

— Thomas Campbell